When you’re buying a new home, you’ll likely order a home inspection. An inspector will examine every aspect of a house and provide a complete inspection report detailing defects, deficiencies, and safety concerns. It’s useful information for a homeowner who needs to understand the condition of the property. Your homeowners insurance company may also want to know about certain components of the home, especially with older properties. Hire a home inspector to complete a 4-point home inspection that reports on the four main systems in your house.

Examine the Roofing

A damaged roof may leak and cause mold and structural damage. For the 4-point inspection, the inspector will look at the roofing of the home. He or she will assess the overall condition, inspecting for missing shingles, damaged flashing, or deficiencies in the roofing materials.

The report will usually include an estimated age, notes on any overhanging branches that threaten the roof, and identifies the type of roofing material.

A Plumbing Assessment is Part of a 4-Point Home Inspection

Burst pipes and plumbing problems cause water damage and can lead to insurance claims. The 4-point inspection checks the plumbing connections, fixtures, and materials used in the plumbing system. The inspector will report on the general condition of the plumbing system, estimated age, any leaks, and any connected appliances.

Determine the Condition of the HVAC

The insurance company will want to know if there is a functioning central heat and air conditioning system in the home. The inspector will report on the age and condition of the system, look for any deficiencies in its ability to heat or cool, and examine for leaks.

4-Point Inspection Includes the Electrical System

House fires can be caused by malfunctions in the electrical system. A fuse may be overloaded or wires can become too hot. The insurance company wants to understand the risk they are taking if they insure your property.

During a 4-point home inspection, your inspector will observe the wiring, brand of the electrical panel, and the overall condition of the electrical system. The report may show what type of wiring the home has, the estimated age of the system, as well as its life expectancy.

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