Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Not Delay

There are a variety of projects that homeowners should complete each season to maintain the property and keep it in good shape. Whether you own a new or older home, repairs and maintenance are necessary. Here are a few of the most important home maintenance tasks to complete in order to avoid costly damage to your property.

1. Roofing Repairs

The roof is one of the most important systems of the home. It protects the structure and your belongings from the elements. Look for missing or damaged shingles or rusting flashing and make any needed repairs. If you notice leaks, often indicated by watermarks on the walls or ceilings, call a professional to assess the condition of your roof and fix any problems.

2. Plumbing Leaks

Even if a faucet only has a minor leak, it will result in increased water bills over time. Leaks hidden beneath the sink are often unknown until there is mold growth or water damage to the area. If you discover a leak or even suspect one due to low water pressure, hire a plumber to locate the problem and make repairs.

3. Check for Termites and Pests as Part of Regular Home Maintenance Tasks

If termites or other wood-destroying pests are present, they can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. Some pest control companies will perform a free inspection to identify any infestations. Treatment is easier early in an infestation and more affordable than whole-house fumigation.

4. Clean the Gutters

The rain gutters on your roof become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. When the gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, water can’t drain off the house properly and leaks will develop over time. The water can back up and seep under the shingles or damage the fascia boards. Clogged guttering leads to structural damage and mold growth.

5. Home Maintenance Tasks: Seal the Deck

Cleaning and sealing the backyard deck is important to preserve the materials and make them last longer. Over time, decking materials suffer wear and tear with exposure to the elements.

Pressure-wash the deck to remove dirt and mildew. Apply a sealant to prevent weathering and extend the life of the deck. If you neglect this project, you will begin to notice warping, rotting, insect-damaged, and splintering boards.

Knowing which maintenance tasks are most essential is important when taking care of your property. Spend time and effort on your home now to help prevent damage and repairs in the future. You will make the home safer and more habitable for your family.

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