If you are buying or selling a manufactured home, it is important to have it inspected first. While a manufactured home may be a smaller investment than a site-built home, it is still a sizable sum of money. Just like a house, there can be issues with a manufactured home that are expensive to fix. Order a manufactured home inspection to learn about the condition of the prefabricated structure that you are buying or selling. 

What Might a Manufactured Home Inspection Find?

There are aspects and components of a manufactured home that are specific to this kind of structure. A professional inspector who has been trained to inspect manufactured homes will know what types of problems to look for. Without hiring someone who is experienced with this type of inspection, small or large problems can easily go unnoticed. An unfortunate outcome of forgoing the inspection may be living in an unsafe or unhealthy home, experiencing an unexpected water leak, or having to shell out a lot of money quickly to remedy a problem. Some defects that an inspection may uncover are:

  • Cracks in wood pads
  • Improperly installed toilets
  • Poorly maintained tie-downs
  • Warped floors
  • Damaged water heater or furnace
  • A torn moisture barrier
  • Sagging outriggers

Tie-Downs Requirements

Manufactured homes require tie-downs to keep them from being lifted up in heavy winds. Different locales have varying tie-down requirements, depending on the weather they experience. A manufactured home inspector knows the requirements in the area and has the training and expertise to inspect tie downs to make sure they are installed properly, well-maintained, and effective. 

Are You Selling a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured home inspections are not just for those buying one. Just like any real estate sale, you have an advantage when you know the condition of what you are selling. Order a manufactured home inspection so that you can put your resources towards fixing the most critical issues in the structure. Your transaction will go over much smoother if you take this step first. 

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