Severe weather with strong winds can be dangerous to your home. Whether you have many trees outside or your roof is unstable, intense winds are a threat to your property. While you can’t control the weather, you can prepare ahead of time to protect your home from wind damage.

Tips to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

Use the following tips to better protect your home from wind damage so it withstands the stormy weather:

Pinpoint Potential Threats

Homeowners who want to prevent wind damage should take steps to protect their homes from potential threats. These dangers include items that could be dangerous once the wind picks up. Identify threats by looking around your house for items like dead or dying branches, failing roof shingles, broken fences, and debris that may turn into projectiles.

If you live in an area that experiences windy weather often, take time to trim trees that are near the home or have them removed altogether. If you enjoy trees on your property, plant them far enough from the house to prevent damage during storms.

Secure Outdoor Furniture to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

As you are checking for threats around your home, take steps to secure outdoor items like patio furniture, sporting equipment, the shed, and your grill. Outdoor items that cannot be secured should be brought inside before a storm hits. Properly anchoring these items will protect your home from wind damage and keep your belongings safe.

Cover Your Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are the weakest points in bad weather. Your windows and doors should be properly protected to minimize the damage from extreme windy conditions. Use strong aluminum or steel shutters to block the damaging effects of the wind from your windows and doors. Storm shutters are designed to protect your home from wind damage as any glass will be completely covered.

Secure Your Roof to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

Roofs are designed to protect the home from the elements, however, the roof itself needs some extra protection if you’re in an area with severe weather. As you prepare your home, be sure to secure the roof.

Make any overdue repairs and check shingles to verify they are securely attached. Strong winds can cause damage to shingles, making your house particularly vulnerable to leaks and rain. Homeowners who have metal roofing on their homes may find that harsh winds rip the roofing panels away.

Before stormy weather arrives, contact a contractor or roofing expert to make sure your roof materials are securely in place and aren’t at risk of blowing away.

Keep the Garage Door in Working Condition

Homes have weak spots that make them particularly vulnerable to severe weather conditions. The garage door, windows, and the roof are a home’s weakest points. If there are any repairs that need to be made, be sure to do so before the weather gets worse. A damaged seal beneath the door will allow rainwater inside. Inspect your seal and replace it if necessary. You can also fit your door with steel struts to help it withstand heavy winds.

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