You may be wondering if you should get a pre-listing home inspection before putting your house on the market. Read on to learn the advantages of doing so. This article explains how a pre-listing home inspection can support a successful home sale.

Should I Get A Pre-Listing Home Inspection? What Are The Benefits?

Learn What Repairs Need To Be Made

One of the most significant reasons to schedule a pre-listing home inspection is to uncover issues with your home before they come up during the sale process. You can decide whether you want to fix these issues or simply disclose them to buyers upfront. Either option makes for a smoother transaction.

Often, you can take care of small problems yourself before listing your home. It is better to know about large problems so you are not blindsided when they come up after the buyer’s inspection. If you are unwilling or unable to make major repairs, you can choose to sell the house as-is and price it accordingly.

It Helps Your Real Estate Agent

A pre-listing home inspection is beneficial to your real estate agent. First, it will help him or her price your home based on the actual condition of the property. Your agent will have a better idea of how to market your home to potential buyers. The more information the agent knows about the home, the better he or she will be able to help you sell it.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Appeals to Potential Buyers

Make your pre-listing inspection report available to potential buyers to help put them at ease. Buyers are more likely to trust you when you are upfront about the results of the pre-listing inspection. This may increase the number of offers you receive. If you are attempting to sell a home in a tough market, a pre-listing home inspection can give you a needed edge. If you completed repairs after the inspection, show receipts proving the work was done.

The Buyer Will Get One Anyway

It’s important to remember that in most cases, anyone who makes an offer on your home will order their own inspection. You don’t want the buyer’s inspector to find an issue that you didn’t know about because you didn’t get a pre-listing inspection.

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