Even if you’ve never gardened before, it’s not too late to get started. Here are some tips for growing vegetables during the summer. Not all plants love the heat of the summer, but some are great if you want to start a garden right now.

Choose the Right Place to Start a Garden

Find a place in your yard or buy some large pots for the backyard deck or patio. Your garden will need six hours of good sunlight to produce food. You can plant herbs on the kitchen windowsill, grow edible flowers on the front porch, or plant cherry tomatoes in pots on the patio — anywhere there is enough sun.

Plan for Watering

Plant your vegetables in an easy-to-water location or make sure the garden hose will reach the plants. Once the seeds sprout, they need plenty of water in the early morning hours to survive the summer sun.

Start a Garden with Quality Soil

Quality soil provides nutrients that your vegetables need to grow. A good basic garden soil mix is 50% compost and 50% topsoil. Most vegetables do well in at least 6 -12” of soil. If you’re growing in containers, choose a quality potting mix for containers. These mixes are better for managing moisture for plants that are growing in pots.

Choose Your Plants

Summer heat can be hard on seeds, so consider starting them indoors and transplanting to the garden when they’re about an inch tall. Good plants for growing in summer include cantaloupes, okra, sweet corn, eggplant, pumpkins, and peas. Cherry tomatoes will also do well with plenty of water.

You can start a garden with just a few supplies. Make sure you have quality soil and an easy way to water the plants. You and your family can enjoy harvesting fresh vegetables in just a couple of months.

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